His skyline panoramas unleash provocative aspects of city landmarks. His portraits of nightlife evoke movie stills, frames of a story that came before and continues on. Looking at Alex Bershaw’s work, the viewer is treated to a hint of the long shadow cast by fleeting moments, a glimpse of the unexpected. Tapped into the living and breathing subculture that informs each scene, one wonders not so much what’s in these images as what’s behind them. What’s that pulse?

Alex Bershaw’s photography has appeared at By BrooklynUrban Folk Art GalleryRe-InspireDIS Micro GalleryGoorin BrosKonditoriVerbotenPhantom Audio5 Magazine, Mixmag , The Village VoiceData TransmissionThump (Vice Magazine) Lessthan3 and Filter Magazine.

As a UX/web designer, his eye for composition and visual storytelling manifests itself in the virtual voyage.